August 5, 2016

Google Adwords – Sort By Hour And Day Of The Week

Google Adwords – Hour And Day Of The Week

Did you know you can view your campaign performance in AdWords to see when the majority of your clicks and conversions occur?


Visit Campaigns, then click the Settings tab, then Ad schedule to see your schedule for the week your ad runs for.


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You can click the column heading to sort largest to smallest, or vice versa, so that you can see when the majority of your clicks occur.  This can help you to optimize your campaign if you have conversion tracking enabled.   You may learn that the majority of your sales occur in the afternoon rather than the morning so you may decide to pause your ads in the morning and focus more of your budget to the afternoon for more buyer clicks, leading to more revenue and reduced adspend.

adwords hour and day of the week

AdWords sort by hour and day of the week


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