August 1, 2016

Future Courses

Future Courses

There are many topics  on technology that I plan to create online courses about.

Here’s my loose schedule on courses I am working on and their anticipated release:

Complete Google Adwords Course

Every business owner, salesperson, or startup entrepreneur  needs to understand PPC marketing to grow their online advertising.  In this course for beginners, I walk you through account creation as I build out an ad campaign with several case studies to follow.  Having managed over $4 million in advertising budgets across 420 different companies, I’m more than qualified to teach you Google Adwords the right way.

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Complete Google Analytics Course – Contrasting clickstream analytics with qualitative data to solve the “why.” Measuring things like: visits and visitors, time on page and time on site, bounce rate, exit rate, conversion rate, and engagement help shed light on opportunities.

Understanding analytics is the key to your marketing strategy.

This course will also cover various testing ideas such as the obvious losers like landing pages, checkout process, registration, and lead optin submission pages.  It will over the layout of ads, price and selling tactics, box layouts, and outbound marketing efforts.  It will also cover competitive intelligence analytis such as data sources, types, secrets such as toolbar data, panel data, ISP network data, search engine data, benchmarks from web trends, self reported data, and hybrid data.

Building customizable action dashboards, multichannel measurements, and the challenge of behavior targeting.


Learn Python Programming

No programming experience required.

Python is one of the easiest programming languages to learn. It has simple and easy to learn syntax. You can use Python to create web applications, parse and collect web content, make video games, and much more.  Its one of the top 5 programming languages to learn.

My Complete Python Programming Course will cover the basics, as well as  several advanced topics you’ll want to know to get yourself started in the World of Python.

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Microsoft Excel – learning the foundations of excel is paramount to any marketing role as you compare data to measure your goals. Coming out 2017.


Complete Web Developer Course – Build Over 15 Different Websites

Web development is easy to learn and was the first technology language I began to learn.  In no time at all, you will be able to identify HTML5 compliant web pages with CSS,  backend coding languages like Javascript, JQUERY, and step into backend frameworks with ease like Django and Ruby on Rails.


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